• Very tender chicken
  • Unbelievable taste
meat lovers' delight:
  • Tender, prime-cut beef

  • burgundy wine au jus

  • blanched asparagus

  • microgreen garnish


Rosemary Chicken

main services

teriyaki & steak kabobs 
  • tender meats 

cheese tortellini ( add chicken ) 
  • covered with alfredo sauce


  • Corporate Luncheons​

  • Weddings

  • rental equipment

  • Meeting Rooms 

  • Company picnics

  • sweet sixteen

  • banquet halls

  • private parties

  • grand openings 

Cranberry Chicken Salad

​​Corporate Catering in Anaheim

Sandor's Gourmet Catering served exquisite entrees at our wedding. Our guest are still talking about how amazing the food and wine was, they also have banquet halls in Anahiem.

bradley grosh


Thanks to Sandors Gourmet Catering, the food at our holiday party was delicious, hot and beautifully presented. We'll definitely order from them again!

  • Great Taste
  • Chicken very tender
  • cranberries very delicious
John Franklin


continental breakfast with fruit
  • Danish, muffins, bagels

  • sliced fruit 

  • juices & coffee